09 Jun 2013
June 9, 2013

The Boom of E-Commerce in Asia

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The e-commerce economy in most Asian countries is never been so great. From Japan, China to Indonesia, more and more consumers purchase goods on the Internet, which equals 32% of global online sales in 2012.

It’s because of the rise of new riches in Asia. Asia Pacific’s middle class population is projected to be 54% of the World in 2020. The luxury market already know the incredible purchasing power from Asia’s new affluent classes. So assertively, we can foresee what’s going on with e-commerce in Asia.

Recently, Intel Capital invested US$16 million in three e-commerce sites across Asia. They’re:

  • Indian distributor of nutrition, health and wellness products Bright Lifecare,
  • Indian consumer goods marketplace Snapdeal,
  • and Singapore private luxury goods retailer Reebonz.

Apparently, more and more investors are confident in the e-commerce market in Asia. Unlike those bubbles 10 years ago, this time both the market and consumers are ready for the game.

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